Saturday, January 31, 2015

Caught With a Left Hook

It has been a rough New Year. Our Uncle Sam, who was taking care of us, had to go to the hospital the day before mom came home. Mom came home to a broken water heater too. Her beloved uncle passed six days later from cancer that no one knew about! She's been trying to settle his affairs and that takes a lot of time. He kept telling her when she gets back he would go to the doctor. She feels so bad about not being here for him.
We are just glad she is home again. We lost some weight and she has been giving us treats and feeding us regularly. Poor Sam was so sick he didn't always remember. He made us sleep on the floor so our entire routine was off. We could tell something was wrong and that upset us. We were nervous wrecks for awhile. As you can see from the photo we are relaxing once again. Stubbs in a sun puddle.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year Friends!

Happy New Year! We haven't forgotten our blog, but the secretary is still awol. She returns Tuesday thank dog! We hope that the new year brings good things to our friends and their families. Bless all of you. Here's the reason our Momma's been gone for a month. Begrudgingly we admit he is kinda cute.