Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What was she thinkin!

I knew something was up when Mom got her shower and it was early o'clock. She fed each of us and then played on her ipad thingy. I wouldn't let her out of my sight let me tell you. She was up to somethin. She put on her shoes and grabbed her purse, then she got my leash!! Maybe we are going to the dog park! Maybe we are going to Petco for treats! Maybe there is a play date with some pup! Nooo, we pulled into the groomers. Mom then told them to cut it short!! I am so nekked that I am no longer cream colored, I am tan! Mom almost didn't recognize me but I was yelping to tell her "get me out of here!" I am so upset I won't be still for her to take a picture. Bol!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

#!?#!*!! Cats !!

This morning I went out to do my "privacy please". When I started for the patio, the resident cat here jumped out and took after me! He is called Big Red and is twice my size. Mom usually gets between us so he doesn't scare me.

"Mom don't write that!!!! He does Not scare me!"

"Sorry Milton, I can't find the delete button on the ipad. Don't worry nobody reads this. :)"

Anyhoo, Mom was so busy star gazing she failed to notice the cat had joined us! She thinks it is payback because I used to chase him when I first came here.

Mom here-It was a good thing Milton had already piddled or there would have been a trail across the patio!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bitter Sweet

Today over on Dogster I am Diary Pick of the Day. I am sharing this honor with two Pals, Zoe and Toto.

What makes it bitter sweet is knowing that this is the last time I will be selected. In another month we will not have this forum at all. It has been great meeting the wonderful pups and their parents thru their pages.

We will Bark On here and hopefully more will join us!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Coyote's In the dark!

We  were out before daylight this morning and heard the coyote howling nearby. Mom won't let me linger when they are near. Even the cats were hiding in the garage. Mom doesn't think the 6 ft fence would keep them out if they really wanted a meal!
Time to curl up on Mom's warm lap and go back to sleep.