Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What was she thinkin!

I knew something was up when Mom got her shower and it was early o'clock. She fed each of us and then played on her ipad thingy. I wouldn't let her out of my sight let me tell you. She was up to somethin. She put on her shoes and grabbed her purse, then she got my leash!! Maybe we are going to the dog park! Maybe we are going to Petco for treats! Maybe there is a play date with some pup! Nooo, we pulled into the groomers. Mom then told them to cut it short!! I am so nekked that I am no longer cream colored, I am tan! Mom almost didn't recognize me but I was yelping to tell her "get me out of here!" I am so upset I won't be still for her to take a picture. Bol!


  1. MJF, here:

    Poor Milton. Aren't you cold now? You sure would be if you were here, its going to be below zero yet another night...we are in the deep freezer.

    Growlmy plays those mean tricks on me too sometimes.but not with a groomer...she takes me to the dogtor...sigh...

    Hey! I have a blog now, too:
    Come on over and woof with me there now that the other site is going bye-bye...sigh...
    Its a good thing we got blogs huh?!?

    Woofs! MJF

  2. Poor Milton! I sure hope it is warm at your place.

  3. It only gets to about 47 at night here. Mom put one of my sweaters on me so I am good for the night.

  4. When will Mom learn to hit the reply button?

  5. Yikes, glad I don't gotta go to no groomers.

  6. Shave ya? In da winter? Oh wait, ya's in So Cal... so it ain't that cold, anyway... that's good...

  7. Milton! Yu wited dis days 'go an' I r onwy weadin' it dis day! OMD! How on Earf I miss dis???

    Anywayz, I hope yur furz hab gwowned back! BOL :D