Monday, May 5, 2014

"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother"

Boy, things have been busy around here. It takes time and patience to teach a pup everything you know. Mr. Stubbs now barks, (at real or imagined noises). He chases me and I chase him. He eats my food and I eat his. We play fight, (we are still working on him not biting so hard). I showed him how to find cat tootsie rolls in the backyard too! He can jump on the big bed now and surprises Mom in the morning. He is plopped on his back in her arm. Bol!

The best thing is he is so gullible! If I want the toy he is playing with all I need do is go get another and he leaves the one I want! Of course I only want it cause he has it. If I want to lay where he is I go to the door and Mom opens it. As Stubbs runs out I turn around and take the cozy spot in the chair! I just hope he won't catch on.

This morning the cat left a present in the back yard, a gopher head! Stubbs found it first and ran to the door. Mom saw he had something in his mouth and made him spit it out before interring the house. 

I better go take a nap before the next lesson starts. Happy Monday everyone.


  1. BOLBOL!! Gud werk, Milton! Yu r twainin' Stubbs WEAL GUD! BOL :D

    OMD. Da gofer-guy cood use sum Cwest wite stwips fur hims teefs! Whut a fotful giff yur bwofur habbed fur yur Mom dis mornin'! BOL :D

  2. Bol! Wait, Drover used to play those ornery tricks on me to get sumfin he wanted.

    Mommy thinks it's furry brave of yur Mom to 'dopt a puppy.
    Keep him busy Milton, yur Mom needs her rest.

    Hmm, looks like that gofer guy has sum dental floss hangin outta his mouf. At least he's tryin fur better toofer hi-jean.

  3. Don't think his hi-jean matters anymores if dat head ain't connected to da rest of him, Zoe...

    Teach him well, Milton... If ya's lucky he won't catch on to yer trix. Some of dose same trix still work after almost 8 years of usin' dem on Whitley...

  4. Hey, it are not gullible to wants da toy dat are in da other pup's mouth. Not at all. A pup has a right to change her mind!! Or his I guess.

  5. OMD! A Gopher head...hey its an early Mother's Day show how gratefur he is to be 'dopted!

    And you think we are gullible, I mean...would your Mom actually take a picture of Mr Stubb's gift? Or use a stock the gopher knows fur sure, BOL!!!

    Good hunting skills ya got there Mr Stubbs, looks like Milton did a great job of teaching you.

  6. A gopher head? Yikes that would have my peeps screaming the house down. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Crikey .... that gopher head is hideous! What happened to his body? Did the kitties eat it? Don't blame 'em for not eatin' that head. Those whoppin' teeth'd get caught in your throat, aye?? Good to hear you and Mr. Stubbs are getting on so well now.

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  9. You're teaching Stubbs about cat tootsie rolls well tell him about Mr. Hippity Hoppity Itsy Bitsy Raisins, those are my favorite. Where was the rest of the gopher? Give him back his head.
    Thanks for joining by blog~ I can't get your Follow The Blog to open. I will try again tomorrow. There now my comment reads right.
    Sweet William The Scot