Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wicked Wed!

It was bath day, do we need say more?

There was a roadrunner on our fence. I spotted him running across the patio. I rushed to the door to bark at him and he jumped to the fence. I am now on lookout for the coyote. Stubbs missed it all (slacker).


  1. Cool beans!! A roadrunner!! Beep! Beep!!

  2. Sowwy 'bout yur baffs, doods. I r hearin' dat werd 'wound here, tu. *sigh* Jus' when I ged da perfek stink goin' on, tu...

    A woadwunner??? Kewl! Du dem weally say "BEEP BEEP"??



  3. A real roadrunner! I din't think those wuz real!

    Stay away frum the coyote if yu see him. Bad news there.

  4. Wow! A real life cartoon character!
    Yup...beep-beep! BOL!

    Good thing you were doing the duty of barking it away...I obviously didn't see the no trespassing sign.

  5. Crikey .... you blokes got everything over there, aye?? A roadrunner .... are they REAL?? You got a big gap there between comments!!

  6. Lucky you for the roadrunner but sorry for the bath LOL. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly