Sunday, August 31, 2014

Do Not Let The Pawrents See This!!!!

Wait till you see this pups! This cute little guy is ruining it fur us that have spent years training our peeps! Just so you know, I don't do windows.


  1. Oh, brother. Now I have to try and live up to that standard...sigh...why don't you show it to Mr Stubbs so he can learn to do all that work, BOL!

  2. Dat Jesse again? He are real cute, but don't expect me to work like dat.

  3. Bol!
    Whut a ofur aceever.

    Those Jacks mus be real hams in front of a camera. Reminds me o' Eddy on Frasier.
    Hey, MJF, post yur tricks on yutube too. BOL!